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Keeping us aside for a moment let’s talk about you (our clients). We believe that our clients drive us. You help us climb that mountain of work that has to get done every day. It is our clients that make the faces of products. It is the personality of our clients that customers are acquainted with through us. We would like to offer you the opportunity of setting up a well-planned, sure-fire and successful blind-date.




We believe in a seamless client partnership that connects us into a single unified team. We’re not only agile in code but in discovery, planning and design.


Our dedicated team model ensures that every project receives the meticulous attention and resource it deserves from our strategists, designers, producers, engineers, & filmmakers.


Nothing we do is in isolation. Our process is extremely collaborative, leveraging our clients unique perspectives to activate our own expertise.


Even if the first try is a hit, we believe that constant analysis and adjustment helps us realize the best possible version of whatever we’re creating.


More than how a product looks, we care about how it works. Our results-driven approach guides every aspect of the engagement from technical discovery to deployment.



Mihir's company Golden Medias produced the Tzinga TV ad that was on air in 2013. I worked closely with Mihir and found him to be extremely knowledgeable about production. He is a great person to have on your side if you wish to navigate the complex, and sometimes chaotic, world of filmmaking in Bombay. He was able to put together a team of good talent- editor, director of photography, set design- in short time. He is also a keen thinker and student of advertising and is a good person to bounce ideas with.- Suhas Misra, Founder Hector Bevrages
If you turned Mihir upside down, your floor will be littered with ideas. All of them brilliant and all of them doable. If you turned him upright back again you would have the best man to execute and implement them. He is a rare combination of thinker, visionary, doer and leader all rolled into one. He learns by the minute from his environment, is an extremely keen observer and can clearly segment the profitable from the expendable. He works and delivers his best when given a free hand and complete trust.Sumeet Kumar, Agarwal Social entrepreneur TANJUN ASSOCIATE
Mihir went out of his way beyond the scope of what we had asked him to do for us under a limited budget and many constraints to get us the best publicity possible. Great guy to work with.Ashvin Kumar - Film Maker
Mihir is one of the most "creative" marketing guy i have had the opportunity to work with. Love, Wrinkle-free, my first feature film gained a lot of visibility thanks to the innovative marketing practices adopted by Mihir and his team. It is rare to find innovative marketing guys like Mihir and I would definitely work with him again....Sandeep Mohan -Film Maker
Golden Medias had provided extensive creative support for PCI, and brought fresh, new ideas to our ads. Their work for our bi-annual convention was especially stellar.Joshua Rao - Executive Director, Pest Control India Pvt. Ltd.


For now over 6 years we have produced smart strategies & cutting edge creative for start ups and multi national companies spanning fashion, tech, entertainment, sport, hospitality and helathcare


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