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The Blind Date

The Blind Date

Blind is love.



While it’s said that eyes are the windows to the soul, The Blind Date is a story of how blindness sometimes bares that soul. Raghav and Najma, lovers of diametrically opposite faith, have a relationship that speaks volumes of their love and connection with each other. They have seen, ironically, dreams of a future together. Lived experiences of enjoying sunsets at the beach, cherished good food and made promises, within the scope of their handicap.

A twist in the story compels Raghav to take a harsh decision, not because of lack of faith in Najma’s intentions, but because he loves her enough. Love doesn’t mean to possess, it needs to be set free.

A heartwarming story of love and sacrifice, through the eyes of blindness.

Awards & Official Selections

Indie Meme Film Festival, USA

Mumbai International Film Festival

Venus Community Awards, Turkey

Golden Wheat Awards, Turkey

El Grito de los sin Voz, Spain

Venus Community Awards

One Earth Awards, India

Vesuvius International Film Festival, Italy

Monthly Indie Shorts

Milan Gold Awards

8& Halfim Awards

Reale International Film Festival


Cast & Crew

Written & Directed by – Mihir Dhirajlal Upadhyay

Cast – Chandan P. Singh, Zeba Sheriff and Rahul Datta

DOP : Swagnik Das & Navneet Singh

Music Rohit Halder

Editor : Kashish Sharma

Good Night. Sleep Tight.

Good Night. Sleep Tight.

What you seek, seeks you back.



The film explores a life & stress of a star cop ACP Singh. He is working on a high profile case of serial murderers. Finally he is able to catch them after many months. He returns home for a success dinner with his wife & daughter. He sleeps early tired & relived from the exhausting chase.
He is woken up in the middle of the night to find the killers in his house. The go for a full fledged assault on him. He barely manages to survive. He puts a brave fight, injuring himself badly but eventually ends killing them both. He collapses due to exhaustion.
When we wakes up he discovers his wife & daughter murdered. He can’t believe his reality. He discovers through a nanny camera installed in his house for the safety of his family, that he had actually killed his family in sleep while visualizing them to be the criminals he had apprehended in the day.

He has committed what is known as homicidal somnambulism or sleepwalking murder. Sleepwalking murder, is the act of killing someone during an episode of sleepwalking.

This is a very rare but real scenario. The film has been inspired by many such unfortunate events.

Awards & Official Selections

Southern Shorts Awards – Georgia, USA

Award of Merit – Male Lead

Award of Merit – Female Lead

Award of Merit – Supporting Female

Award of Merit – Cinematography

Award of Merit – Editing

Award of Merit – Make-up & FX

7th Bangalore Film Festival Best Background Score

Cult Cinema Film Festival

Festival Mention Award

Best Editor

Best Thriller

Jury Special Award

Best Promising Film

Indian World Film Festival, Hyderabad

Honourable Jury Mention New Delhi Film Festival

Certificate of Merit 9th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival Official Selection

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Cast & Crew

Written & Directed by – Mihir Dhirajlal Upadhyay

Cast – Chandan P. Singh, Zeba Sheriff and Rahul Datta

DOP : Swagnik Das & Navneet Singh

Music Rohit Halder

Editor : Kashish Sharma

Rap Song Music Video

Public Sab Janti Hai

Remember “पब्लिक सब जानती है |”

Felt & Fueled by Mihir D Upadhyay

Artists/ Singer Ashim Kemson & Kiara Khantwal

Music Director Ashim Kemson

Lyrics Swati Marwal & Mihir Dhirajlal Upadhyay

DOP/ Editor Deepak Kumar

Arial Photography Safwan

Costumes by Mansi Goshar Shah

Music Producer Arpit Mehta

Mixing Engineer Prasad Maha

Make-Up Vivek Upadhyay

Hair Stylist Rekha Vishwakarma

Line Producer Sahil Arora

Executive Producer Pallaak Smehta

Production Team Sujata Melekar & Nitu Roy

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