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Inspired World

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

Inspired World aspires to create a community of young impressionable minds to do just that. Fall in love with life itself. So much so, that they feel empowered to deal with all the negatives that life throws at them- depression, stress, unhealthy competition, peer pressure, and the list goes on. We want them to feel motivated and ready to face all challenges. So, how do we create that opportunity for them?

We do that through an audio visual representation of real life experiences. We are surrounded by Covid-19 today and something else tomorrow. The real life heroes are often unsung and so many natural occurrences that may teach us real life lessons go unnoticed. Bringing them to you and allowing you to take the best from their stories is what Inspired World does!

We invite you to take these experiences to your students through our short sessions, which are not only experiential in nature, but are also followed by endless possibilities of discussions, healthy debates, deep enquiries and expression of individual perceptions. While the world has transformed into an online learning platform, there’s no better way to engage them in something over and beyond the academic curriculum. We like to call these essential co-curricular activities to mould them into responsible and inspiring citizens of tomorrow.

We have curated inspirational experiences for your wards through Inspired World.

Age Group- 07 years and above

Mode of Teaching- Through any medium/ App you may be using for online teaching.

Post Viewing Exercises- Discussions, Debates, Questions-Answers, Home Assignments.

Our team.

Mihir Dhiraj Upadhay

Founder - CEO, Golden Medias

Founder of one of the most coveted Advertising & Branding agencies in Mumbai, Mihir is a Branding & Marketing expert, a creative business strategist for digital domains, a fine filmmaker and has an unlimited passion for creating visual masterpieces that enrich experiences for all kinds of products, services and entrepreneurial ventures. Part-time Yogi and a hobbyist photographer

Mihir Dhiraj Upadhay
Poonam Kunwar

Director of Operations, Golden Medias

With a Masters Degree in English Literature and a Bachelor Degree in Psychology & Education, Poonam has facilitated several training programmes on Corporate Communication, Etiquette and Soft Skills. She has over 25 years of experience in academics, mentoring and behavioural counselling, and has been a content curator for Branding & Marketing.She is also the founder of Wag-a-Bond, an NGO driven by passion and compassion for the street animals.

Poonam Kunwar